Supporting Your Child’s Learning

National curriculum tests

Michael Tidd, author of the ‘Ramblings of a Teacher‘ blog has created some informative videos for parents about the KS1 and KS2 national curriculum tests. You can see his videos here.

Learning Links

In the children’s section of our website, you can find a series of learning links, which will take you to games and activities your child can play to help reinforce and consolidate their learning.

This includes a link to the Mathletics website and to activities provided by BBC Bitesize.

If you would like any other ideas for learning and games and activities, please ask your child’s class teacher for ideas.

Supporting your child with maths

Providing support to your child’s learning at home can be really valuable in reinforcing what they have learnt at school. These leaflets provide some useful tips and information for supporting your child’s learning in maths.

Supporting your child in Maths – Year 6
Supporting your child in Maths – Year 5
Supporting your child in Maths – Year 4
Supporting your child in Maths – Year 3
Supporting your Child in Maths – Year 2
Supporting your Child in Maths Year 1
Supporting Learning in Maths Year R

Supporting reading at home

This leaflet provides some useful ideas for parents and carers for supporting reading at home.

Supporting Reading at Home

We have also provided some guidance on questions that you can ask your child when you are reading with them at home:

KS2 Reading Prompts

Print this handy bookmark at home and use it in your current reading book to help remind you of questions to ask about the reading

KS2 reading questions bookmark


We use a method of supporting reading called DERIC.

Parent’s Guide to DERIC

Supporting phonics

At Home Farm we use a six-phase programme called ‘Letters and Sounds’ designed to help to teach children to read and spell with phonics. You can find more information and some practical help in the information leaflet for parents below. You can also download copies of the phonic recognition cards, decodable words and tricky words that are taught in EYFS and Class 1 and recorded in the children’s phonics books:

Phase 1 and 2 Phonics Cards
Phase 3 Phonics Cards

You can also find useful guidance on the Oxford Owl website.

Phonics for Parents

Your Daughter’s Future

Parents of our older girls might be interested in this resource, which provides help for parents on supporting their daughter’s education and career choices. Some of the content is focused on older girls, but there is some useful material on confidence, resilience and self-esteem issues.

Your Daughter’s Future